Lahnasenkosken muutossuunnitelma voimalan toiminnan jälkeen.

Lahnasenkoski has the highest waterfall

Lahnasenkoski probably got its name because of the favorable shelter for fish located below the actual rapid. This full-flowing riverbed is sometimes referred to as Lahnalampi (a bream pond), and significant fish catches can be made here. The construction height is 8 m, the capacity is 0.8 MW, and the average annual electricity generation is 4,500 MWh.

Watch the video to see how the Lahnasenkoski dam was dismantled.

Asemapiirros, design by Maveplan Oy Maisemasuunnitelma, design by Maisema-arkkitehtitoimisto Näkymä Oy

The oldest wooden power station in Finland

The power plant functioned with almost all the original equipment until the 21st century. In 2001, Vantaan Energy Oy acquired the Lahnasenkoski power plant, which, like Ritakoski, installed four compact Waterpumps Oy turbines. In the old power station there is a museum exposition, access to which can be obtained in the municipality of Rautjärvi. For example, a mechanical-hydraulic regulator and a marble control panel refer to the initial construction period of the station.

The South Karelia Recreation Area Foundation purchased the Lahnasenkoski power plant property in 2017 from Vantaan Energia Oy. The rapid restoration plan has been submitted to the permit processing of the Regional Authority of Southern Finland. Electricity will be transferred to the nationwide grid until 2022.