Kangaskosken muutossuunnitelma voimalan toiminnan jälkeen.

Kangaskoski is located near the state border

The industrial history of Kangaskoski dates back over a hundred years. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the export  business at the abrasive and paper mills became more complex, Aktiebolaget Simpele bought Kangaskoski and the border Syrjäkoski for electricity production. The Kangaskoski hydroelectric station was put into operation in 1925.

Kangaskoski Dam was demolished in 2021

The Kangaskoski power plant was taken over the ownership of the Foundation for Recreation Areas in South Karelia in October 2019. According to the schedule agreed in the purchase agreement, the original Kaplan turbine was retired at the age of 96 at the end of July 2021

The practical measures to dismantle the dam were started immediately after this, after all, it was time to get permission from the Southern Finland Regional Authority in May.

Watch the video to see how the Kangaskoski power plant’s control dam was dismantled. (The video was produced by WWF and shot by Mikko Nikkinen /Storymakers).

Ritakoski planning pictures

You can study Ritakoski planning here position drawing and landscape plan: Asemapiirros, design by Maveplan Oy. Maisemasuunnitelma, design by Maisema-arkkitehtitoimisto Näkymä Oy.


Kangaskoski still uses, for the most part, the original technological components of the power plant. Technological components include: the first Kaplan turbine (Tampella 1924), made in Finland, and a control unit from the time of construction. In Kangaskoski, it is planned to open the Museum of the power plant after the production of electricity is stopped in 2021.

On-line camera for observing fish in Kangaskoski in October 2019

A WWF-installed live camera was used to monitor the spawning of salmon fish off the Kangaskoski lean-to during October. See video summary of events and river dwellers!