The largest dam removal in Finland

River Hiitolanjoki,
paving the way for new era in river restoration

Hiitolanjoki River in Rautjärvi, South Karelia, is home to Finland’s last remaining stock of original and fully natural landlocked salmon.

Barriers to the upstream movement of migratory fish will be removed and three new flowing rapids will be created.

With a combined descent of 18 meters, the rapids at Ritakoski, Lahnasenkoski and Kangaskoski will form an exceptionally stunning passage in Southern Finland, which of course will also include the already free-running rapids at  Uudensillankoski, Rapukoski and Ali-Juvankoski, located upstream. Free rapid areas for migratory fish will also open on the Torsa Trail in Silamusjoki River and Torsanjoki River, as well as in numerous other small streams.

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